• Sorry for the Review Drought that has recently occurred. I will hopefully make up for it soon... A notice to those planning on obtaining Little Big Planet 2 on January 18 2011. I am currently working on a Platforming Game where the protagonist will explore many diverse planets with his ship and fight numerous bosses. As I currently do not have the Beta it will remain in the Pre-Production Stages until the game's release when I will immediately begin work on my vision for an expansive world.

Army of TWO: The 40th Day

In 2008, EA Montreal released the first Army of Two game. The concept behind the game was just as the name implied. Focusing on a full co-operative experience, it reached appraise from gamers everywhere who opted for the often neglected co-op experience. Army of Two: The 40th Day hopes to continue that experience and improve … Continue reading

Metroid: Other M Review

A Review on Metroid: Other M for the Nintendo Wii Console.

Fat Princess: Fat Roles DLC

Information on the Fat Roles DLC Expansion for the Fat Princess game by developer Titan Studios.

Fat Princess Review

A Review for the Playstation Network title Fat Princess from developer Titan Studios.

Demon’s Souls Review

A Review on the Demon’s Souls Game by developer “From Software.” The version of the game reviewed is the one published by Atlus in North America for the Playstation 3.