Demon’s Souls Review

The game starts off with a fitting introduction, a dragon of enormous scale flies above the mountains holding in it’s claw the corpse of an unknown being. After witnessing the actions of a knight, facing odds no ordinary human could face, the scene ends with yet again another beast of enormous size, this time, appearing before the seemingly surrounded knight. (Shown Above)

The introduction provides a visually cinematic experience, but most importantly it serves as a warning. The game is difficult to say the least. After a short tutorial on what button serves what purpose you will be taken to the first stage where your patience will be tested. Needless to say, you WILL die a lot, but perseverance is key.

The game starts you off in your normal body in which you bear all normal attributes, but die once and you are left in soul form until you can defeat a great demon and regain your body. In soul form you bear half your life but inflict 50% more damage. Expect to be in soul form often as you never know what lurks in the corners of a new area and your strategies have yet to be fully developed.

Be very wary, the game expects you to learn from your mistakes. Die in an area, and you lose all the souls you acquired (Souls being the game’s currency which allows you to purchase items or upgrade your character). It is strict and unforgiving but it always gives you a chance, one chance, to redeem yourself. Return to the spot you died, without dying again, and you will be able to reclaim your lost souls.

Story wise, the game tells an interesting tale at the beginning but leaves much mystery as very little is explained thereafter. It is essentially the basic archetype of a hero who is apparently the world’s last hope. The large demons in the game also provide a very epic and dark atmosphere. Progressing through the story is not linear, after beating the first level, you are free to choose which of the five worlds you wish to progress through.

The game is an action rpg that, unlike games like Mass Effect, truly pays attention to the rpg element in the game. Swing your sword, roll away, raise your shield to block an attack, and you waste energy. Drain your energy and you will not be able to do anything that requires it until your energy is regained. Unlike traditional rpgs, your starting class does not limit you. All classes can learn spells and whatever your strengths and weakness become are based on the sole factor of your choices. Thankfully, there is no wrong way of choosing as the game always upgrades your defense no matter what you choose.

Every aspect of the game is like everything you would imagine from such a world. Carry too much armor and your character begins to move slower. You can wield any weapon, just like in real life, but if you are not strong enough you will take longer to swing and the effectiveness of the weapon will suffer. You must bear in mind the amount of detail the developers put into the game, attack after rolling and the animation is different from a normal attack. In addition, wielding different weapons changes the animations as you would expect.

The multiplayer aspect provides a great amount of depth not seen in other games. By connect online to the Playstation Network, you will be able to see bloodstains on the floor, click on the bloodstains and you will see a ghostly replay of another player’s death. People may also leave messages on the floor to warn you of what’s to come, though they can also give you false information. Additionally, you may also see ghost forms of people like yourself traversing the same levels. Later in the game by leaving behind certain items you can help others or invade their worlds (and they can do the same).

The world has a great atmosphere and portrays everything from how your character acts to the demon’s you face with great realism. The game provides a great multiplayer aspect not seen in any other game. The game is difficult and you will die often, but overcoming these challenges can provide a very rewarding experience. A casual gamer may not enjoy this and will most likely break their controls  in a fit, but for the more active gamer this is not a game to miss.

This game is rated M for Blood and Violence. Please check for more information: ESRB Information

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