Fat Princess: Fat Roles DLC

For $5 more you can receive the following three new characters and four new maps. The characters are added by wizard hats at the base. They don’t have upgrades but they have special abilities that can be triggered when their special bars are full.


Ninja’s use melee attacks but when charged up they throw ninja stars. Their special ability is invisibility which allows them to remain unseen for a short amount of time and also to pass through castle doors.



Pirates attack with their sword but when charged they use their pistol. Their special ability is to order a canon ball strike on the map. The strike is not too easy to control but is very efficient at killing large groups of huddled enemies.



Giants are perhaps the most special characters in the game. They are very big, very strong, and slow. They swing their fists and their charge attacks are stampedes. Their special ability, and their only way to heal without the aid of priests, is to eat an enemy.



New Pork

A large city with a few tricks up it’s sleeve. The map has ancient architecture and nice scenery.






Brownie Town

A nice town setting with a water way and bridges in the middle. The center is where the majority of battles take place and is the source for the most metal ore in the map.





Candy Mountain

A nice snow setting it provides frozen waters to tread and slide upon. The lower center proves to be a fairly dangerous area as groups tend to collide and the careless fall off the cliff.





Frost Bite

The map is a nice addition with frozen water and two collapsible areas in the center. It is a battle between two mountains both accessible through bridges or ladders.






This game is rated T for Blood and Gore, Cartoon Violence. See esrb.org for more information.

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