Army of TWO: The 40th Day

In 2008, EA Montreal released the first Army of Two game. The concept behind the game was just as the name implied. Focusing on a full co-operative experience, it reached appraise from gamers everywhere who opted for the often neglected co-op experience. Army of Two: The 40th Day hopes to continue that experience and improve over its predecessor.

One change over the first game is the story. Whereas the first had a diverse range of settings, this sequel takes place entirely in Shanghai. Salem and Rios find themselves there while working on what appears to be a simple mission but soon terror and mayhem erupt as explosions occur and skyscrapers topple. The mystery as to who is responsible for the destruction is what fuels the plot as you move throughout Shanghai. As with the first, you can expect some comedic dialogue between the two, sometimes quirky, individuals. This game hopes to make a change by factoring in a morality system with every level giving a clear moral choice for you and your partner to decide upon.

As usual, the game forces you to work with your partner. The agro system is back, ensuring that those that attempt to go at it alone will face much trouble. Other systems like “back to back” return with somewhat small but noticeable improvements. The game keeps the step jump from the previous title and eases the accessibility of co-op sniping. In addition, it also adds new ways to work with your partner like the cooperative take down of enemies to rescue hostages. These changes add to the game without changing it drastically. Each new addition flows well and those familiar with the first game will easily pick this up.

Gun customization returns with a plethora of attachments and skins. The infamous “Pimpin” style and the new Diamond Encrusted Grenades are available for those with a taste for bling. For the more tactically inclined, there are a few options that lower agro while still providing a stylish appearance. Of course, you have a numerous assortment of guns to choose from, just like in the first game, but unfortunately the customization does not apply to the online mode.

Speaking of online, the online aspect has been expanded upon and now holds four game modes. All the game modes still hold true to the co-op style of the game. You are encouraged to stick with your partner since he supplies you with ammo and can revive you. Co-op Deathmatch is similar to a free for all but instead of having the matches between individuals it is between teams of two people each. Control, as the name implies, has two teams (divided into coops of course) battle for control of a randomly chosen location. Warzone is an objective based multiplayer game, so you can find yourself protecting a VIP, retrieving Intel, or doing things of the like. Last but not least is Extraction. This game mode puts you in a team of four and has you fight waves of enemies until the map is cleared for extraction.

Needless to say, the game is best played with a friend. While the story is fair, it is nothing exceptional. Those familiar with the first will find a similar game with a few improvements. The game holds a good amount of replay value in its multiplayer. For someone looking for the best game or the best story, this is not the game for you, but for those looking for a fun and entertaining cooperative experience, you just may find your money’s worth.

This game is rated M for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Language. Please check for more information: ESRB Information

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